FLIR Thermosight RS32 1.25-5X Thermal scope

This is the very popular RS32 1.25 to 5X Thermal Scope from FLIR- the NAME in thermal imaging.


Advanced Image Correction

Shock Reduction System

Simple, 4-button operation

Three reticle settings with a repeatable and dependable zero

Up to six video palettes, including FLIR’s exclusive “InstAlert”™ 

Qualified for an MSR semi-automatic platform, up to .30 Cal



THERMOSIGHT; RS32, 60Hz, 1.25 - 5X - 19mm, Direct View TWS

ALL of the FLIR Thermosight models and the Scout models feature an internal Li-ion battery pack. This is recharged via a USB charging port on the unit. With the advent of the Ipad, Iphone, etc. there is a MULTITUDE of charging options for anything that utilizes a USB connection including SOLAR chargers, hand cranked chargers and AA battery packs that power directly to a USB connection. Walmart has a device called "7 hour Power" that costs $7. that takes 4 AA batteries and connects to a USB charging port. Hence, the internal battery pack is not the drawback that it used to be. Further, in 7-8 years of FLIR using this type of internal battery, I have yet to hear of ONE failure of the battery.

$40. ship and insurance. Normal FLIR lead time 1-4 weeks on this model.

FLIR Thermosight RS32 1.25-5X Thermal scope
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