Mt. House 5-Case Special w/ FREE Water Filter

Purchase YOUR CHOICE of 5 cases of Mt. House freeze dried in #10 cans and get a FREE Enviro Water filter! 

How to do this:

Purchase FIVE cases, mix or match of Mt. House #10 cans, add THIS item to your shopping cart also and you will receive a FREE Enviro water filter with your order of any five cases of Mt. House. Yes, we had to put one penny as the price amount to make this listing active, it would not show as active without some price listed.

Deal only good on 5 cases purchased at the same time of Mt. House products. And YES you will still get the "Shipping included" also known as FREE SHIPPING on the 5 cases of Mt. House! Obviously, you have to buy 5 cases of Mt. House #10 cans to get this deal. For the fourth time- YOU HAVE TO BUY 5 CASES OF MT. HOUSE TO GET THE FREE WATER FILTER, YOU CANNOT JUST ADD 100 OF THESE TO YOUR ORDER AND GET 100 WATER FILTERS FOR A PENNY EACH. Ask me why I had to put that in there four times.... Yes some think they are slick but trust me , you are NOT going to get a water filter for a penny without the REQUIRED purchase of 5 cases of Mt. House.

An incredible deal and through June 30th Mt. House is on sale baby!!!

No better time to stock up!

Mt. House 5-Case Special w/ FREE Water Filter
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