P.A.W. Tarp Emergency lightweight shelter

Custom crafted by the loving hands of "Bob from Idaho" of P.A.W. Productions, these lightweight tarps make great emergency shelters. Fold up small enough to fit in a back pocket. I keep one in my chest rig and one in the packs of each of the family members.

- rolled- 8.5x2.5 inches
- folded flat- 8x5 3/4 inches
- LxW (overall size) 4'9x6'9 (5x7)
- weight- 14 oz.
- 8 tie outs per tarp

Fabric is a woven nylon with factory water proofing - it is definitely recommended that you treat it for additional waterproofing. These currently available are in the newer tan and brown patterns - NOT just for the desert - these blend nicely in many areas.

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