PVS14 White Phosphorus High Performance model

Brand new with 10 year factory warranty-


Night Vision Devices PVS14 3rd Generation Night vision device with WHITE PHOSPHORUS High Performance tube.


Same great warranty as you get with our green tube PVS14 HP+ model, just with a WHITE PHOSPHORUS tube.

Many people think the White Phosphorus (WP) tubes offer better visibility and resolution in use over normal green NV tubes.

Minimum specifications- most ship with better than these-

Pinnacle Pinnacle
Signal to Noise Ratio: 25.0 min.  
Photocathode Response 2200 min.  
Halo: n/a **  
Electronic Background Input: 2.5 max.  
Resolution: 64 lp/mm min.  
Max Spots Allowed in Each Zone, Spot Size (in.) ZONE

...........>.012 - .015 0___0___0  
...........>.009 - .012 0___0___0  
...........>.006 - .009 0___1___1  
...........>.003 - .006 0___2___2

 Ships with all standard accessories just like our green view PVS14's. 10 year warranty from the manufacturer- Night Vision Devices. Featuring a White Phosphorus Harris (formerly ITT/Exelis) tube. $50. ship

PVS14 White Phosphorus High Performance model
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