Sleeka Elite Jacket Extra Large closeout




CLOSEOUT DEAL ON  XL  SLEEKA, sleeka lite and airpack JACKETS!!! FOUR LEFT AND THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE FOLKS! . Larges already sold out.


Super compact but great down to 14 degrees! Perfect for your BUG OUT BAG!

    23°F / 14°F
    -5°C / -10°C

The Sleeka Elite  jacket is a spin-off of our extremely popular Original Sleeka jackets. The Sleeka Elite  is equipped with reinforced patches covering all stress points; shoulder, elbow and cuff on the Olive side only and supplied with a heavy duty compression stuff sack so you can really appreciate the benefit of our highly compressible Softie® insulation. Both sides of the jacket are equally equipped with easy to access pockets. This jacket is more for those concerned with cost but yet with the same quality and performance they have come to know and expect of Snugpak.



- X-Large 28 oz (800 grams)


This jacket compresses down to the size of roughly 3/4 of a FOOTBALL and weighs nothing. PERFECT for your bug out bag!


A FEW XL's left, all Larges sold out.

Sleeka Elite Jacket Extra Large closeout
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