Tactical gear REPAIR KIT

REPAIR KIT for tactical gear!


What happens if it's 2 years into the SHTF and a piece of your tactical gear BREAKS?? Or what if you want to repair or modify tactical gear now?


BE PREPARED with a repair kit for tactical gear that contains:


*At least 5 yards of Mil spec webbing

*At least 5 yards of Mil spec Velcro- that means 5 yards of loop and 5 yards of hook

*An assortment of sizes, colors and types of Mil spec BUCKLES.

We pack a Medium Flat Rate Priority mail box full of these items and EACH BOX WILL BE DIFFERENT.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Each and every box will be DIFFERENT and contain slightly different items. Use the pic as a general guide, but once again, EVERY single box will be slightly different.

As survivalists and preppers, we stock long term logistics for firearms, chainsaws, vehicles, etc. Don't overlook stocking logistics for your FIGHTING gear long term. Imagine how good of a BARTER ITEM these items would be in the PAW!!!

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Tactical gear REPAIR KIT
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