2021 Ordering-READ

January 2021- We are now a year and a half into the biggest rush we have ever had in our 29 years in business. We have worked about 380 days non stop. It's important to note the following:


*Night Vision and thermal imagers have ALWAYS had a lead time, this is nothing new. That means it's extremely rare (pretty much unheard of now) to have units just sitting around on the shelf. We here at JRH have some of the shortest lead times in the industry for FACTORY NEW UNITS WITH WARRANTIES! And we do NOT charge your card until the order is ready to ship.


*Lead times for these products as well as IR lasers, Armor, storage food, etc. have increased dramatically in the last year and a half. Yes, this rush started LONG before the election folks....


*If your sourcing these products this late in the game it's important to understand these things and BE FLEXIBLE. The unit you are looking at  may have a 20 week lead time, wherein a comparable unit may ship in less than 4 weeks. If you want something quick you absolutely must BE FLEXIBLE. Many item descriptions show lead times or simply state things like "this has the longest lead time of any of our PVS14s". If you want to know an estimated lead time just call or email- top of every page.


*Armor and IR lasers- 99.9% of the time these items are sold out before new shipments even arrive. It's important to put in an order and get in line- you are NOT charged until the order is ready to ship. Just hoping to catch them sitting around "in stock" has a much lower chance of getting anything versus just putting an order in and being assured of a shipment!

*ALL night vision and thermal orders placed via the website have to be confirmed before the order moves forward, you will get an email covering this that we manually send. Watch for it. Be sure your contact info- phone and email is correct when you order, you will just delay your order if it is not correct.

If your ordering this late in the game it's important to 1. Be Flexible and 2. Get it done quick.

JRH 1/12/21


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