2022 Holiday sales JRH Enterprises- read

Black Friday and Holiday sales 2022-  Read everything please!


We are celebrating our 30th Year in Business! We are one of the oldest and longest running Night vision retailers in the industry! Thank you for your business over the years and in the future- JRH


There are some major advantages to ordering early-

*You get the sale prices waaayyy ahead of time

*You can "hand select" from a much larger pool of inventory

*Your order will likely ship faster as lead times tend to heavily increase after Thanksgiving.




As of 11/23 /22 we are very well stocked in inventory on PVS14  WP3,  PVS14 WP3 HIGH GRADE units, PVS14 WP3UF UNFILMED units. ALL ARE WHITE PHOSPHOR, 3rd gen. Katana DUAL TUBE NV sets are also in stock, Ops Core Fast bump helmets, Norotos Lo Sto helmet mounts, UNS SR clip on NV devices, DBAL-D2 , DBAL-A3 and OTAL-C, Luna ELIR3 IR illluminators and many more items like this that are usually hard to find or have long lead times.



Thermal imagers-

Nox 18mm and 35mm units IN STOCK

Bering Optics units IN STOCK- include Hogster Vibe, Super Yoters

FLIR- more Breach monoculars expected in the next few weeks


We are starting early this year to celebrate our 30th YEAR IN BUSINESS and also to try to stretch out what is normally an insane two week time period over twice that time to hopefully make it a little easier on us.

Phone hours will be 9am to 7pm EASTERN standard time and we are always here to answer questions via phone or email

Black Friday week 11/21- 11/26 we will have extended phone hours 9am to 9pm every day EXCEPT THANKSGIVING!!!!


Remember- if your billing address for your credit card does not match the ship to address you are requesting, you will NEED TO CALL THE ORDER IN. Don't "guess" at your billing address, it makes your order look fraudulent and could get your order cancelled. If in doubt about your basic information, verify it before ordering so as to avoid getting the order cancelled. Understand that during this time of year we get hundreds of fraudulent order attempts and must be extra vigilant for both our security AND YOURS!!

CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! ALL high dollar orders are confirmed via email, as noted in item descriptions and on invoice, you can expect to get an email titled "Order need response" for these larger orders. Watch for it and respond immediately. We ship REALLY QUICKLY but orders are often held up because a customer doesn't check his emails for six days... EXPECT an email from us (not just the automated email from the website) not long after ordering these items. You can always call to order also, we have been taking orders over the phone for 30 years now unlike newer companies that don't even list their phone numbers.



Call or email with any questions. 9am to 9pm EASTERN every day this week EXCEPT THANKSGIVING!



As always we appreciate your business and look forward to doing business with you well into the future!

Robert Henry

10/31/22 Updated 11/23






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