3X magnifier for PVS14 & PVS7


11/21 Small quantity back in stock after being unavailable for a year, move quick on these sale priced magnifiers!


A HANDFUL AVAILABLE LESS THAN REGULAR COST! MOVE QUICK! 3X magnifier for the PVS14 or the PVS7 Very handy device to increase the "reach" of your night vision device. 


"Reach out" farther with a 3X magnifier on your PVS14. Perfect for long distance night time observation.

CAN be used on a weapon in conjunction with an NV compatible weapon sight but you may need a riser mount to accomodate the shape of the magnifier. Ideal use is for hand held survellience with the PVS14.

When you need one, you really need one!


3X magnifier for PVS14 & PVS7
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