6 month supply Mt. House freeze dried storage food

  The supply situation regarding QUALITY long term storage foods like Mt. House remain tenuous. We are back to accepting orders for Mt. House #10 cans in case lots, however all items will most likely not be available all the time for the foreseeable future. If an item that you order is not available to ship, we will email you and notify you and you will NOT be charged for that item. -JRH 10/31/22


Our Mt. House six month entree supply  contains TEN CASES (60 #10 cans) of Mt. House freeze dried product. 12 breakfast options and 48 various main dish entrees for lunch and dinner menus. Best used in giving you further options for quick fix nutritious entrees involving real meats (not TVP). A great addition to your overal food storage plan.

All FACTORY FRESH with a 25-30 year shelf life. All #10 cans. Plus actual shipping costs to your location


6 month supply Mt. House freeze dried storage food
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