A Year Supply of Hard Red Winter Wheat

Wheat is used in SO many products we eat daily: pasta, cereals, pizza, breads, gluten-based products, etc. It stores darn near forever. You can grow it, sprout it for Vitamin C (lacking in any food storage), make meat substitutes with it, grind it and make pastas, bread, cereals, tortillas and hundreds of other products. 300 lbs. is the recommended amount to store per person per year.

Packed in SUPERPAILS for long term storage. 45 lbs. per SUPERPAIL, 7 superpails included with this item for a total of 315 lbs. of Hard Red Winter Wheat. The Staff of Life - don't neglect it in your storage program! Shipping is calculated from the factory; you will pay actual shipping costs. Allow 1-2 weeks as food is packed and shipped fresh from the factory. You pay actual ship costs - call or email for a quote. . Get your grains NOW before prices increase!

A Year Supply of Hard Red Winter Wheat
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