ACH Helmet w/NV Mount



SOLD OUT ALL SIZES SOLD OUT no more on the horizon for the last 3 years


 Use the DROP DOWN MENU to pick size!

*Smalls- last two left move quick!

 *Mediums sold out as of 1:30pm 3-16

*Larges - 8 new helmets that shows some blemishes on the helmet- drastically discounted.


*XL helmets we have less than FOUR available.


 REMEMBER- This deal INCLUDES the complete Night vision mount setup- upwards of a $225. value!

Get a quality BALLISTIC helmet AND the NV mount for about what you might pay for just the mount! Do it quick! These are the real McCoy! Be wary of the chinese knockoff helmets on the market with dubious ballistic protection and out of spec shrouds!!

 Extra larges have been extremely hard to find the last few years- DON'T MISS OUT!!!

These are the NEW ACH helmets WITH the NV mount - . VERY hard to find. WITH Night Vision "Rhino Mount", the perfect platform for your PVS14. You can pay $410 for JUST the helmet from other places.... ACT QUICK on this!

 Level IIIA Ballistic protection for your noggin and the perfect platform to mount your PVS14 to via a base plate that screws in the front of the helmet and a flip up/flip down "Rhino" mount. Using one of JRH's PVS14's in this sort of configuration will make the PVS14 turn off when Flipped UP for added battery life and tactical considerations. THIS item includes the ACH Helmet AND the Rhino Mount and base plate.


More comfortable than the old school Kevlar helmet. New style suspension set and velcro padding allows you to customize fit. Don't trust your life to a chinese knock off helmet where neither your NV nor your head is truly protected! Be careful what you buy, a lot of these cheaper helmets out now are made in china and do not offer TESTED AND CERTIFIED ballistic protection!


Use the drop down menu to pick size or call if you have any questions! Consider ordering slightly larger to accomodate electronic hearing protection or for cold weather use where you might want to wear a fleece "beanie" type cap under the helmet for additional warmth.


Why not a "bump" helmet?- Some people think a skateboard type "bump" helmet is a better option. Skateboard type helmets are usually more money and offer NO ballistic protection. If you can envision a scenario outside of hunting  wherein you will have a rifle in your hands and Night Vision mounted on your helmet where you feel having ballistic protection wouldn't be a GOOD THING, let me know cause I can't think of one!!

$21. Priority mail shipping costs in a large flat rate box.

Like ALL of our products, absolutely nothing shipped outside the United States. Please don't ask us to ship outside the U.S. - we won't do it.




*If you bought your PVS14 from JRH, it came with the swing arm assembly aka the "J arm" that connects to the PVS14. That along with what comes with the helmet is ALL YOU NEED to mount the PVS14 to the helmet. Screw the base plate to the hole in the front of the helmet, then clip the Rhino mount in to the front of the base plate. The hole on the front of the Rhino mount is where the J arm pushes in to. The fit between the J arm and the rhino mount can be very tight to begin with, but will usually "work in" over time.

*It's always a good idea to tether the PVS14 to the helmet mount. The easiest cheapest way is to use the black cord that attaches the daylight cover to the PVS14- simply wrap it around the Rhino mount with your J arm and 14 in place and tie it. A piece of 550 cord works as well. A small key ring will fit on the PVS14 housing and the 550 cord can be attached to that.   If you inadvertently hit the release for the J arm when reaching up to flip the rhino mount down, the PVS14 will not fall to the ground then. It's a good idea to always tether your NV in the field!

ACH Helmet w/NV Mount
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