BNVD SINGLE gain with Photonis Echo spec WHITE PHOSPHOR

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 All tubes are high quality Photonis Echo spec  WHITE PHOSPHOR tubes


The NVD BNVD  can be used as a monocular by choosing which side you want to use as your night vision eye and rotate the other side/arm of the binocular up and out of the way. This enhanced capability allows the user to rotate either monocular channel away from their eye while leaving the other monocular channel in place. This provides the operational flexibility to use the BNVD  as either a dual-eye or single-eye device. When used as a monocular, the user can operate the BNVD  with weapon mounted sighting equipment without sacrificing night-time situational awareness. Best of all with all the added features, the BNVD  is still substantially lighter than the AN/PVS-7 single tube goggle!

NVD-BNVD now features a “Tactical Monocular Cutoff”, which turns off power to each channel of the binocular whenever a channel is rotated up out of the users’ line of sight. This eliminates stray light emitting from the monocular eyepiece, which would reveal the user to anyone else on the battlefield. The BNVD  has an automatic system power cutoff whenever the BNVD  is flipped up into the helmet mounted stow position, and then powers back on when it is flipped back down. This feature can also be turned off via a four position ON/OFF switch. The BNVD-is submersible to 66 feet (20 meters) for up to 3 hours. The BNVD   is available with an optional battery pack, which holds 3 “AA” Alkaline batteries for run times exceeding 50 hours.

Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operator’s Manual, Neckcord, Retaining Lens Covers, Eyecups, Lens Tissue, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows, IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly, Operator’s Card, and Dovetail Mounting Adapter.

The BNVD  can be used with optional 3X Afocal Magnifiers. Each 3X Magnifier can be either slide onto each objective lens or screw into the threads on the objective lenses. For extended use, it is recommended to screw them on to prevent the lenses from falling off. These magnifiers transform the BNVD  into a fixed 3X Magnification Binocular.


JRH Enterprises and Night Vision Devices BNVD - SHOT Show 2020

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This listing is a for the BNVD single gain control WHITE phosphor PHOTONIS ECHO tubes, and standard accessories included.


Color options for housing now available- Flat Dark Earth- use the drop down menu and put "1" in the field of the color you request. If you do not specificy a color the standard black housing will be shipped. In the pictures a Flat Dark earth colored housing is shown. $50. ship. Long lead time on these like most NV and dual tube sets.


 Like most Night vision and all dual tube sets, these have a long lead time, and these are NOT "in stock" as in ready to ship out to you immediately. HIGH RECOMMEND THAT YOU  CALL to order so we can go over lead times, etc. 912.379.9441 or 912.375.148



BNVD SINGLE gain with Photonis Echo spec WHITE PHOSPHOR
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