Bun Baker Without Soapstone

Area Heated: 750-1,000sf
Cast Iron Insert Weight: 350 lbs.
Total Size: 24-1/4" x 21-1/4" x 34-1/2"
Firebox: 13-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 15-1/2"
Oven: 14-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 11"
Top Exit Flu Size: 6"
Wood Max Length: 14"
Heat Output: 30,000 BTU's/hr
Efficiency Rating: 78%

Eligible for TAX Credit!

Just received new pricing for these 2/4/21

Woodstove, baker's oven, broiler, cook top, hot H2O - All in One! "IT'S LIKE NO OTHER WOODSTOVE YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED" The ULTIMATE wood stove for the survivalist/prepper/homesteader! Heat your house, get hot water, bake bread AND cook food at the SAME TIME!!!! Our very popular Woodstove-Bake Oven is a dream come true - not only will you be heating your home, but at the same time you can be baking bread, cookies, pizza, or anything your heart desires.

It's available with and without a 1-1/4" thick soapstone veneer and optional hot H2O interior circulator. The Vermont Bun Baker weighs 350 pounds without soapstone sides and top, and 650 pounds with soapstone sides and top. A 100 pound soapstone hearth is also available.

***Read the review and see more pics at www.survivalandpreparedness.com ***

Bun Baker Without Soapstone
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