C2A1 military gas mask filter

Yes, some ARE in stock currently, not a lot with the rush going on with protective gear. Move quick to avoid shortages!


Marked "Canister, Chemical-Biological mask" these military issued gas mask filters offer great protection for a low price. Packed in the new plastic hard case, these new filters will store for decades.


40mm "Nato" threads on the filter allows it to fit a wide range of common US and NATO country gas masks including the Israeli gas masks, most German masks, all more current US military masks (not the old M17 however) MCU2P, M40, etc. even some Russian masks.


VERY VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY on these, first  batch of these we have seen in almost 7 years, ACT ACCORDINGLY. Priced to move quick. Plus $6. ship

C2A1 military gas mask filter
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