Carbine/Pistol skills tune up training May 30-31, 2020 Alma, GA

We have had requests for a skills tune up weekend for those interested in coming to one of our very popular "Midnight Rendezvous" night vision/carbine training classes but were afraid their weapons handling skills weren't up to where they should be. Great for all skill levels.

Limited to just TEN participants so we can custom tailor the training to participant's needs. ONLY FIVE  2 SPOTS LEFT!


May 30-31st we will be offering a SKILLS TUNE UP WEEKEND comprising of one day of carbine skills and drills and a 2nd day comprising Pistol skills and drills. At the Southeastern Training Group range near Alma, GA.


Topics include but are not limited to:

Day 1 Rifle/Carbine skills

*Carry positions, presentation, stance

*Follow through

*Engaging multiple targets

*AAR and 360 degree scanning

*Positional shooting

*Reload drills

*Malfunction clearing

*Transition to handgun

*Movement drills

*Support side work

*Working corners/barricades


Day 2 Pistol skills

*Carry positions, advantages and disadvantages to each



*Working the covert draw

*Follow through

*Engaging multiple targets

*Reloads and malfunctions

*Movement drills- controlled and dynamic

*Close in work

*Takeaways and how to avoid these


Seminar will run 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 9 to 4pm on Sunday. Details on what to bring, etc. will be emailed to all registered.

Class size is limited to TEN participants so everyone gets plenty of range time and personal instruction.

Cost is $250.  

Early registration discounts are as follows:

$199.99 (for both days) if registered before May 1st.

This is the year to get your skills up to speed!



Some recent comments on our seminars-

"Great class, great bunch of guys, really enjoyed it!"

"Thanks for the incredible value in instruction. We are looking forward to coming down again! "

"This class packs a ton of training into 10-12 hours!"

"I have attended a lot of classes and you get a different perspective here than I have seen other places, well worth the small cost."

"i wanted to express my thanks for the class instruction and utilizing all these tools i have been sitting on. practice is prepared. i am better thanks to you. you are as hard as you need to be to bust our bubble. with all the crap you kept our attention and encouraged us . a lot of practical and life saving instruction."


Carbine/Pistol skills tune up training May 30-31, 2020 Alma, GA
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