DKX Max III LIGHTWEIGHT Armor Plate 10x12 M3



Yes steel is cheaper but 4X the weight and sometimes hard to get. Designed for people that actually get out and train with their gear and understand that carrying 5 lbs. (TWO PLATES WORTH) of armor versus 20+ lbs. of armor is a big deal..... Can your WIFE carry 20 lbs. just in armor? How about your kids? Heck let's keep it simple- can YOU carry 20 lbs. of armor plate PLUS your fighting gear, PLUS your bug out bag PLUS your rifle? Yeah, see you're HUMAN just like me :)Sold PER PLATE, if you need 2 plates, hit quantity 2.

  • Part Number: DKX M3 SC
  • Description: Stand Alone, Level III
  • Plate design/Shape: Double Curve, Shooters Cut
  • Ballistic Material: DSM Dyneema UHMWPE
  • NIJ Level 0101.06: Level III, Certified. These are NOT the chinese knockoffs, these are the REAL DEAL with full NIJ certification!
  • Coverage Size: 10” X 12”
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Thinness: ~1.1”

Special Features:

  • Very light Polycarbonate back reduces weight and provides permanent label protection
  • 100% Dyneema ballistic material
  • Significant positive buoyancy
  • Proprietary press and manufacturing process
  • Multi-hit capable
  • 7 year warranty. Sold per plate, THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE PLATE. If you require TWO plates, put quantity of 2. Add $20. ship and insurance. Factory lead time 1-2 weeks therefore NO PAYPAL on this item due to lead time.
  • See the REVIEW of this product on SurvivalBlog May 25, 2015
DKX Max III LIGHTWEIGHT Armor Plate 10x12 M3
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  • Item #: DKXIII
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