Do-It-Yourself Six Pack

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Six Pack #10 Fruits $159.95

This is designed for the folks that pack their own storage foods and need to round out their storage with those items that are best purchased already pre-packed for long term storage. This "do-it-yourself" pack contains six #10 can cans to include:

  • (1) J001 Butter Powder
  • (2) J011 Whole Eggs
  • (1) J037 Cheese Blend
  • (2) Roo1 Instant Milk

This six pack contains the best of protein and items necessary to cook and bake with your basic grains and legumes. Individually priced at over $140.00 This six pack is available at the introductory price of $124.95 plus ship.

All dehydrated food is packed and shipped fresh from the factor;, allow the normal 2-4 week lead time during normal times (will be longer during "rush" times). Your order will NOT be charged until it ships. Currently 1/11 ALL prices on long term storage food items are on the rise, do this now to lock in price and availability!

Do-It-Yourself Six Pack
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Price $124.95
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