Duritium GT2 10x12 Level III+ SAPI cut Armor plate


Duritium GT2  III+ SAPI cut 10x12


Extra protection from NATO M855 (SS109) “Green Tip” without the bulk and weight.

These are NOT Chinese knockoffs! These are real deal plates MADE IN THE USA by ShotStop in Ohio!


The Duritium GT2 (Green Tip) special threat body armor from ShotStop® provides more protection with less bulk (only .5” thick) and less weight (just 3.8 lbs. for the Shooter cut) than standard Level III body armor. Plus, with a 15-year warranty, you’ll have protection that lasts!

 GTAdvanced Body Armor Plates with Green Tip Protection • 15-YEAR STANDARD WARRANTY •• Ultra Thin•Durable • Stand-Alone • Multi-Hit • Green Tip Protection • Listing is for one plate if you need 2 hit quantity 2
Shipping and insurance for two plates is $32.

10" x 12" x .5"25.4 x 30.5 x
GT1RF2MCGT1RF2-10x12SEMCMulti-Curve, SAPI Cut (SE)

PROTECTION TYPE / LEVEL:Special Threat M855/SS109 (Green Tip)

CONFIGURATION:Stand-Alone, Multi-Hit
THICKNESS:0.5"  ± 0.125” (1.27cm ± 0.32cm)

Duritium GT2 10x12 Level III+ SAPI cut Armor plate
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