FM12 Gas Mask


BRAND NEW FM12 gas masks in the bag. Hard to find quality mask.

The Worldwide NBC mask handbook has this to say about the FM12 mask:

"The FM12, a modified version of the UK S10, is manufactured by Avon Industrial Polymers and incorporates the following changes to the S10 design. The two-round eyepieces are smaller and lie closer to the face, thus providing an increased field of vision. The primary speech unit is also smaller. An internal nosecup seals tightly against the face (the S10 nosecup does not), thereby offering improved fogging characteristics. In addition, the bead around the periphery has been eliminated in the FM12 design. Also in the FM12, the head harness is made of netting rather than rubber."

The head harness made of netting instead of rubber means better longevity in storage as well. The filter (not included) mounts on the side of the cheek to facilitate ease of weapons handing and to avoid neck fatigue common with masks where the cannister is mounted on the front. Does not ship with filter.

As seen in the DVD movie "Gas mask follies: Rivers of blood!

$14. ship.

Great combination with the BRITISH MKIV protective suits we have also. See "related items."

FM12 Gas Mask
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