JSLIST NBC Protective suit- MEDIUM



The JSLIST overgarment is a universal, lightweight, two-piece, front-opening suit that can be worn as an overgarment or as a primary uniform over underwear. It has an integral hood, bellows-type sockets, high-waist trousers, adjustable suspenders, adjustable waistband and a waist-length jacket that enhances system comfort, improves system acceptance and maximizes compatibility with the individual user equipment.
The JSLIST liner consists of a non-woven front, laminated to activate carbon spheres and bonded to a knitted back that absorbs chemical agents. Previously, the older chemical suit liner consisted of charcoal-impregnated polyurethane foam and nylon tricot laminate. The foam deteriorated as the soldiers rubbed against it, and that could become messy.
The bulky charcoal layer found in the older chem suit is replaced with a selectively permeable membrane that is lighter and will block harmful substances, rather than absorb them. More perspiration will also be able to escape. Weighing just under six pounds, the new suit is about half the weight of the old chemical suit.  It can be worn in an uncontaminated environment for 45 days with up to six launderings or for over 120 days with no launderings. The JSLIST can be worn in a heavily contaminated environment for 24 hours. Each soldier is issued two JSLIST.

Complete with a built in pull over hood on the jacket- so these will interface with ANY gas mask you choose to use. Built in suspenders, great range of adjustment in size on the pants.

These suits are very OVER cut, meaning those that typically wear Large will fit in a medium, those that normally fit in an XL should fit in a large, etc. I'm 5'11" 180 and a medium was big on me.  $22. ship costs.

These suits offer REAL protection you can trust your life on. This is NO Tyvek BS, these are REAL DEAL protective suits!  As used by ground troops in the military. NEW ISSUE extremely hard to find suits. This is the first we have been able to offer them. Mediums and Larges. Set of pants AND jacket.


Use the "boots and gloves" option to add protective overboots and gloves with the order. We only have a VERY SMALL QUANTITY OF THESE, once they are gone they are gone.


JSLIST NBC Protective suit- MEDIUM
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