Katadyn Pocket Filter

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Katadyn Mini Filter $109.95

13,000 gallons, the CADILLAC of water filters! Trusted by professionals for decades.

LOWEST cost PER GALLON of any portable water filter on the market!! You need a PORTABLE filter that you can take with you in the vehicle, bug out bag as well as being able to be used for day-to-day filtration. THIS is that filter.

The world's best! Have you heard the saying "You get what you pay for"? Nothing could be more true with these filters. All Katadyn filters have a 0.02 micron ceramic filter element. Absolutely no harmful chemicals are used. Think about it, for an occasional weekend hike a chemical based filter will do. But what about using the water from a chemical based filter day after day in a long-term survival situation? The chemicals used (iodine, charcoal, carbon) in the cheapie filters (Pur, Sweetwater, etc.) will build up in your body over long periods of use. Just go ask your doctor about iodine buildup in your thyroid gland.

Katadyn water filters are the only realistic answer to long-term water purification. The filters can be cleaned, will not pass untreated water and last for thousands (not hundreds) of gallons. Intake hose allows you to pump from a water source and not have to have your HEAD DOWN near the water source like these silly little water straws require. Output hose allows you to direct the water into a storage container versus a survival straw which would require a "suck and spit" action to fill a water container. The actual cost per gallon of water is the cheapest on the market. Just add up the costs of replacement filters for the Pur, Sweetwater, etc. Most of the chemical based filters only do between 200-500 gallons with replacement filters costing anywhere from $25.00 to $50.00 you do the math! It could cost you several THOUSAND DOLLARS to filter the same amount of water a Katadyn Pocket filter will filter for $350. DO THE MATH!!! Removes all hazardous material from water, including nuclear fallout.

You'll be pleased with one of these filters The original, in use for 40+ years. Small and compact but powerful in performance. Rated to 13,000+ gallons. Lightweight and extremely durable. At Preparedness Expos we used to demonstrate these units STANDING on them, throwing them on the concrete, etc. These are a VERY DURABLE unit.

Shipping cost $14 via Priority mail. Allow 1 week on this high-demand item.

Katadyn Pocket Filter
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