Lightweight PVS14 w/RPO lenses LW14 JRH Night Vision

Introducing the Lightweight PVS14 from JRH Night Vision




We are proud to begin shipping the new LW14s.

These PVS14s feature the lightweight push button battery housings that accept either a single  AA or a CR123 (giving you more options for power).



The LW14 utilizes the new lightweight RPO lenses on both the eyepiece and the objective lenses. Lighter lenses lighten the overall weight of the unit and the RPO glass is optimized for WHITE PHOSPHOR tubes.




The use of the lighweight battery housing as well as the lighter weight higher quality RPO glass brings the weight of the PVS14 down considerably while nothing is sacrificed where durability is concerned! For those looking to dual bridge two PVS14s on a Panobridge, these LW14 units offer the best option for weight reduction and best performance.


For these special LW14s we are ONLY putting in White Phosphor 3rd Gen tubes that have a MINIMUM of 2,500 FOM!!  Get your lightweight PVS14 with either Elbit Systems of America (formerly ITT) High Grade VH or YH thin filmed tubes or L3 Harris 20UM high specification white phosphor unfilmed (filmless) tubes.


These will be LIMITED RUNS as we don't see as lot of very high spec 2,500 and higher FOM tubes. Note- RPO lenses may seem easier to turn than standard PVS14 lenses, we have confirmed with RP Optics that this is normal. 


ALL units will ship with a 2,500 FOM MINIMUM 3rd Generation White Phosphor autogated tube in either your choice of Un Filmed L3 Harris 20UM   or Elbit Systems of America (formerly ITT) VH or YH high grade tubes. Use the drop down options menu to change to unfilmed by placing a "1" in the text field. 


We ship all these LW14 models with a Free hard case. $50. ship and insurance

You can also add a padded Multicam soft case for field use, use the drop down menu for MC soft case and put a "1" in the text field.

Lightweight PVS14 w/RPO lenses LW14 JRH Night Vision
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