Luna-ELIR3 Long range IR illuminator



12/16-  Last TWO available, not sure if/when we will see more. Sold out



Compact and lightweight design •

• Uniform beam of light •

• Smooth power level adjustment wheel + push button •

• Fully adjustable beam (width and position along the axis) •

• Direct attachment to Luna Optics products, as well as to Picatinny Rail

LUNA OPTICS is proud to introduce the new laser IR illuminator! The model LN-ELIR is now built from new thermoplastic materials, which are lighter and stronger than aluminum versions. The unit employs new control switch system allowing smooth brightness adjustment and features innovations such as dual-step control to prevent the laser from being accidentally turned on, protective cover and a light indicator allowing the user to see when the laser is working.

The illuminator is compatible with any Gen-1, Gen-2(2+) and Gen-3 night vision unit and provides an adjustable uniform beam of infrared light, useful for situations where the amount of ambient light is not sufficient to see clearly.

Three versions are available: LN-ELIR1 with the slide mounting bracket for attachment to Luna Optics binoculars and goggles, LN-ELIR2 with the screw mounting bracket for Luna Optics riflescopes and tactical monoculars and the universal LN-ELIR3 version featuring Picatinny mounting bracket for direct attachment to the rail.


• Max Power Output: 0.5mW•

• Field of Illumination: 0.1 – 5 degree•

• Max. Range of View: 150m (489ft) •

• Power: 1x3V Lithium CR123 type •

• Operating Time: 6 hours •

• Dimensions: 122mm x24mm x31mm
(4.8”x0.9”x1.2”) •

• Weight: 75g (2.6oz) •



We tested one of these units and were absolutely blown away by the performance!  I'm loving this LUNA running it in conjunction with a 9007 Steiner DBAL-I2 IR/IR unit. See pics. $20. shipping


BE SURE to add the PRESSURE SWITCH if you want one as they do not come with the unit. Use the drop down menu to add a pressure switch.  The Surefire adapter is if you already have a Surefire switch and want to use that in place of the Luna pressure switch. The unit itself has a tailcap switch that operates the unit.


IMPORTANT- as with ANY IR laser, IR illuminator or laser emitting devices DO NOT LOOK INTO OR POINT this device at other people as eye damage is likely to occur. Use common sense, keep out of the reach of children,  switch unit off when not using, cover output and remove batteries.

Luna-ELIR3 Long range IR illuminator
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