MCU 2P Navy/Airforce Issue Gas Mask



The  Navy/Airforce MCU2P gas mask available again in limited quantities. A much sought-after mask used by SF around the world. Very popular with SWAT units and others that work with gas masks regularly and UNDERSTAND the need for a mask with a very wide field of view or a "panoramic" view. One of the best commonly available masks on the market.

Features drinking tube (compatible with US canteens sold above), panoramic view, defogging valves, voicemitter and side mounted canister to allow shooting a rifle with the mask on (also creates less neck fatigue than masks with front mounted canisters like the Israeli's). Uses the "standard" NATO filter - we recommend either M96 filters or C2A1 filters. We don't get these high quality masks everyday, so act accordingly!

VERY LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE 9/17 First time in stock in FOUR YEARS, act accordingly.

$17. Priority mail shipping in the U.S.


MCU 2P Navy/Airforce Issue Gas Mask
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