Midnight Rendezvous 3.0 September 17th, 2022 SOLD OUT

Midnight Rendezvous 3.0   September 17th, 2022 at the SETG range near Alma, GA.


MR 3.0 is our fieldcraft class.


We focus on learning and developing observation skills both day and night learning to find small camoflaged targets on jungle lanes both day and night, team vs. team exercises utilizing all the senses. This is the class you want if you want to learn to operate in a rural environment at night. We focus on individual skills necessary for security in a rural setting but honestly all of these skills can be applied to urban and suburban areas as well.


Work jungle lanes day and night finding small camoflaged targets.


This class culminates with a live fire scenario involving burning vans that is always well liked.


Due to the time involed preparing for this class which is much more labor intensive for us than the other classes, we are now only offering this class ONCE A YEAR.


Early bird registration special- Register by July 15 for just $175.

NEW CLASS SIGNUP INFO- Starting April 2022  you will be charged $50. upon registering and you will have to pay the balance of your class costs in cash the day of training. This applies to BOTH new students and returning students. Returning students who have attended the class before can still get the returning student discount, but they also must register via the website and pay the $50. via a card with the balance due in cash the day of training. $50. now and the balance in cash the day of training.

Midnight Rendezvous 3.0  September 17th, 2022 SOLD OUT
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