Midnight Rendezvous NV workshop April 13, 2019

April 13, 2019 Midnight Rendezvous -


Join us for a night of working with and without your Night Vision device in a rural setting. This workshop is primarily about movement at night in a rural setting without the crutches of lots of additional IR illumination and without the stray light sources often seen in urban and suburban environments.


You will work with and without your NV throughout the night. While this workshop is not focusing on a lot of shooting at night, if you need to zero an IR laser we can help with that at the workshop but the workshop will primarily revolve around MOVEMENT at night in rural areas and will feature individual and group "jungle lanes" at night, team vs. team exercises and a heavy emphasis on utilizing all senses. . We start at 3pm to make sure everyone has some fundamentals down and then finish up usually after 1am. 


You do NOT have to have a Night vision device to attend this workshop, and some loaner equipment will be available- email for more info.

We will email you equipment list and other pertinent info after registration.

Held at the Southeastern Training Group private range near Alma, GA.



Full directions and info will be email to those that register.

 Cost includes range fee. LIMITED TO JUST 12 people


Some video from a past workshop.



Midnight Rendezvous 2019 was a great success! See After Action Report at











Midnight Rendezvous NV workshop April 13, 2019
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