Multicam Night vision soft case- PVS14, dual tubes

We secured only about 100 of these Brand New Multicam soft cases for protection of your Night Vision device in the field.


I've been very impressed with this case! Has MOLLE attachments on rear so if you want to attach this to a pack or other gear it will hold securely. The entire case is padded to protect your NODs. Fastex buckle and zip top for redundancy on keeping your gear safe.



Open the case to find a ton of room for NODs and accessories. A small velcro sewn in bag attached to the top flap holds small items like batteries, sacrificial filters, LIFs, etc. A pocket in the rear can be used to hold manuals, data sheets, etc. A heavy duty elastic bag is there in the rear also to help secure items. A heavy padded false bottom (that I'm holding up in pic) can be used to adjust the size of the pouch or to divide contents with an additional padded divider in bottom.


Plenty of room for 1 or even 2 PVS14s, or a dual tube set and a PVS14, or a PVS14 and a soft harness like a Nightcap. If your that last guy on Earth still using an old "skull crusher" (military head mount) note that the skull crusher will NOT fit in this (too long).



Pic showing BNVDs in the bottom of this case with PLENTY of room for other items as well. Obviously the $10,000. dual tube set is not included with the pouch... Yes, someone would have asked!!!


These have to ship in their own box, so if your buying a set of NODs along with this, these will ship in a separate box. $15. shipping


Multicam Night vision soft case- PVS14, dual tubes
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