NBC Camelbak bladder for use with Gas mask



STAY HYDRATED! We hear that all the time, all the more important when you are in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protective JSLIST suits and wearing GAS MASKS.


You absolutely MUST be able to take in water while wearing a gas mask. But HOW will you do that? This Camelbak Maximum Gear Chem Bio reservoir 4.0 bladder resists penetration of live chemical and biological agents. Exceeds UASCHPPM TG 230A military water quality standards and attaches to standard protective masks.


3 liter/100 ounce bladder is burst resistant even after a 10 foot drop onto concrete.


Includes hydrolink modular attachment system- allows flexibility between other hydrolink components. Does not impart any taste or odor to fluids. Very easy to use.

Includes CBR 4.0 reservoir, Big bit vale and protective mask adapter.

CRITICAL equipment for use with your gas mask. You will need at least one bladder per mask in your family.

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NBC Camelbak bladder for use with Gas mask
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