November 2nd Simple weapons disarms class

TO Register AFTER Thursday Oct 31st, just email us and tell us to hold you a spot, you will have to pay cash in person at the show. Only 1 spot left in class! MOVE QUICK!!!! Simple weapons disarms class will show attendees just how easy it is to disarm weapons from people. Whether it's a pistol or a rifle or shotgun, just HAVING the weapon means little if you do not truly know how to control yourself in close in conditions. While you do not need to be in great physical condition to attend the class, the class will be slightly physical as it is a hands on learning type workshop . Fake "Red" guns will be provided but attendees are encouraged to bring their own if they have them. Absolutely NO live ammunition or real firearms will be allowed in the training area for safety reasons. You are welcome to come and watch, but we feel hands on learning is essential. Students must be able to maintain a high level of personal and emotional control. If you conceal carry, feel free to bring the holster with which you conceal carry. If you have a fake "red" or "blue" gun of the model you normally carry, by all means bring it. Once again, absolutely NO live ammunition or real weapons will be allowed in the training area for safety reasons. Comfortable clothing and athletic type shoes will definitely be a plus. Open to all regardless of age, physical condition, etc. I will personally guarantee your satisfaction with this class- attend the entire class and if you don't feel it's worth the low cost, talk to me about it and I'll refund your money. I offer this at every class we hold and no one has ever taken me up on the offer.


Special 2 hour seminar at the Lakeland, Florida "Life changes, be ready!" Expo November 2nd from 4 to 6PM  Space is LIMITED register now by clicking below to guarantee your spot!

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