Ops Core FAST bump high cut helmet

Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet



    The FAST Bump high cut shell is designed for less extreme environments where ballistic threats are not a priority, and the focus is on protection from blunt trauma forces, or where the primary need is for integration of mission-configured components.

    Molded front NVG mount, 4-position Ops-Core ARCTM Rails, and NEW Universal Exterior Loop Lite Pattern

    Vent holes for increased ventilation and water drainage

    Improved blunt impact performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007

    Non-ballistic high cut shell provides a low-cost alternative to the FAST Carbon

    Available with one suspension/retention option

    Includes Ops-Core Helmet Bag

    Meets the requirements of BS EN 1385: 2012 and Ops-Core PS-1145


Measure your head an inch above the top of your ears going all the way around your head.

Medium fits   20 7/8 to 22 inches

Large fits 22 to 23 1/4

XL fits 23 1/4 to 24 3/8

THE LARGE BUMP HELMETS ARE MARKED L/XL- if you order either Large or XL you will receive the same helmet.


*FAST Bump Helmets are molded with a visible split sizing. When ordering replacement parts for this helmet, use the single size indications.


Ops Core FAST bump high cut helmet
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