Ops Core FAST bump high cut helmet

Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet

Ops Core raised prices on these in 2023

 2-4 week lead time on these. ONLY MULTICAM CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, FOILAGE GREEN has been discounted.


 NOTE- To helmet mount a PVS14 you will need- Helmet with shroud (like this one), a Helmet mount (see Lo sto mount in related items) and a J arm of some type, either a military one or the AX PRO adjustable arm (see related items). See article with pics at link-



    The FAST Bump high cut shell is designed for less extreme environments where ballistic threats are not a priority, and the focus is on protection from blunt trauma forces, or where the primary need is for integration of mission-configured components.

    Molded front NVG mount, 4-position Ops-Core ARCTM Rails, and NEW Universal Exterior Loop Lite Pattern

    Vent holes for increased ventilation and water drainage

    Improved blunt impact performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007

    Non-ballistic high cut shell provides a low-cost alternative to the FAST Carbon

    Available with one suspension/retention option

    Includes Ops-Core Helmet Bag

    Meets the requirements of BS EN 1385: 2012 and Ops-Core PS-1145


Standard color is OD green (foliage green) , if you want MULTICAM use the drop down options menu and put a "1" in the text field.


 Need to mount your PVS14 or dual tube set on your bump helmet? See the "related items" for the Norotos Lo Sto helmet mount which ships with both dovetail and horn (aka bayonet) setup so it can be used with PVS14s as well as dual tube sets (dovetail).

Measure your head an inch above the top of your ears going all the way around your head.

Medium fits   20 7/8 to 22 inches- special ordered

Large fits 22 to 23 1/4

XL fits 23 1/4 to 24 3/8

THE LARGE BUMP HELMETS ARE MARKED L/XL- if you order either Large or XL you will receive the same helmet. Use the adjustment dial on the back of the helmet to adjust the fit.


*FAST Bump Helmets are molded with a visible split sizing. When ordering replacement parts for this helmet, use the single size indications. $25. ship costs.


If not noted as being in stock at top of page- Normal lead time on bump helmets 4-6 weeks, you are NOT charged until the order is ready to ship.


Ops Core FAST bump high cut helmet
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