By now I'm sure even Rip Van Winkle has gotten the message. The S has hit the fan in America.

Last minute mass preparing is in full effect.


Important Tips on last minute ordering-

CALL. Yes you may have to be on hold briefly as the phones are crazy busy but we can get everything we need for the order over the phone and most importantly verify items are actually available that you seek. Our phone numbers are at the top of every page of the website- we don't hide them like most places do.

If you put blind orders in on the website- be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE you read and respond to any emails from us immediately, not six days later... Your order may be cancelled if we don't hear from you! ALL NIGHT VISION ORDERS FROM THE WEBSITE ARE VERIFIED AND YOUR ORDER CAN'T BE STARTED UNTIL THIS IS DONE!

Answer your phone if we call to verify your order.

When you order, contact your credit card and tell them you are expecting the purchase, this will help avoid your card getting declined and you will lose a day's time with that. Often times credit cards will decline cards due to security issues, avoid this by contacting your card so we can ship quick.

What we can't do on the phone right now- "check on status" of orders- EMAIL for that and only if it's something that is near or over the lead time that was given to you.

We are just three people handling the work of about a dozen people right now. The two others here are pretty knowledgeable as well, so understand you don't have to talk to me to get questions answered- chances are I'm on the phone with a couple people at the time...

We have to talk fast on the phone to help accommodate as many people as possible, get right to the point when calling. I normally have some time to "chat"- we do not have that time now. Nothing personal just get right to the point when calling- thanks.

We will remain working 7 days a week and answering the phones 9am to 9pm eastern. I packed orders well into the night last night and we are still shipping very quickly. Have patience with us when you call, it IS THAT BUSY...

Orders must be received and verified before 11am Eastern for same day shipping

MANY sale items are ending very soon- as in Wednesday.

MANY items are out of stock

MANY, MANY MORE will soon be out of stock. The longer you mess around the harder it will be to find things

Talk of national shutdowns, curfews, etc. in news.

We will help everyone we can for as long as we can.
Robert 3/16 12:49
The Center is holding, but just barely

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