PVS14 WP3UF Un Filmed White Phosphor 3rd gen Night vision

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PVS14 WP3 UF  Un Filmed White phosphor 3rd gen

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PVS14 WP3 UF 3rd Generation Night vision device with WHITE PHOSPHOR AUTOGATED  L3 Harris UN-FILMED  20um tubes, standard military Carson housing and glass for optimal quality. All standard accessories. Manual gain control.


Use the drop down menu when ordering to select a 2200 FOM (and higher) unit, just put a "1" in the text field.    Note- we see very few models UNDER 2200 FOM, so you may be waiting longer if you choose a lower fom unit. 

 Brand new with 5 year  warranty-


Many people think the White Phosphor (WP) tubes offer better visibility and resolution in use over normal green NV tubes.

Minimum specifications- most ship with better than these- 28SN LP 64 minimum FOM 1792. 10/17/22- everything currently in stock is 2200 FOM AND HIGHER!!!

Spot spec- Zone 1 – 0  Zone 2- 1  Zone 3- 2

Equivalent Background Illumination 2.5 max.  
Resolution: 64 lp/mm min.  
Max Spots Allowed in Each Zone, Spot Size (in.) ZONE

...........>.012 - .015 0___0___0  
...........>.009 - .012 0___0___0  
...........>.006 - .009 0___1___1  
...........>.003 - .006 0___2___2


  • Use as hand-held, head mount, helmet mount or weapons mounted
  • Manual Variable gain control. Has an IR illuminator but it's not necessary for use of the night vision device.
  • Light-weight and compact. 40 hours of use on 1 AA battery
  • Camera and video adaptable
  • Unprecedented 5 year warranty, buy with confidence!

All standard Military parts means good LONG TERM logistics 20-30 years in the future versus a knockoff unit that uses a lot of proprietary parts. Uses 1 AA battery.

PVS-14 system comes with:


  • operator's manual
  • battery
  • Daylight cover/pinhole cover
  • Neck cord
  • sacrificial window
  • Tube data record



Optional accessories available:

  • Helmet mount
  • weapons mount
  • 3X magnifier
  • Night Vision compass


All our manufactured PVS-14s use a battery housing that will cut off power to the PVS-14 when the unit is flipped up in a helmet mount with the factory J arm.

Visa/Mastercard/Discover only for sale prices on this product, email or call us if you want to use any other payment method.  $50. ship  Buy it now and avoid the price increase! BE SURE to check your email and respond to the "Order-need response" email- we will require further info to verify your order, your order is not complete until this is done.. Or order over the phone at 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

For quickest processing and shipping- 1. Use Visa/Mastercard only. 2. Read and respond to the "Order need response" email that you will receive after placing order online (or Call to order)  If you have special circumstances like different billing and shipping addresses, need to split the charge over multiple cards, etc. CALL to order 912.379.9441 or 912.375.148

$50. ship and insurance.

 Add a custom waterproof hard case for $35.00  Use the options menu and put a "1" in the text field next to hard case.

 Use the drop down menu to select a 2200 FOM (and higher) unit, just put a "1" in the text field

  Highly recommend the purchase of an AX PRO14 arm to utilize with your PVS14 and a quality dovetail helmet mount like the Norotos Lo Sto mount (see related items on right)


9am to 7pm EASTERN.




11/25- as stated above, currently ALL in stock units are 2200 FOM and higher, be sure to use the options menu to change to 2200FOM so your order can ship right away.


PVS14 WP3UF Un Filmed White Phosphor 3rd gen  Night vision
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