PVS14 XLS green phosphor night vision monocular autogated


 XLS GREEN phosphor units shipping quickly as of 10/20!


PVS14 3rd generation green phosphor autogated Night vision device with XLS grade tubes



PVS14 3rd Generation Green Phosphor with XLS grade tubes



You asked for a lower cost PVS14 and we heard you.


Since the tube is upwards of 90% of the cost of a Night vision device, in order to get a lower priced NV device you have to go to a lower cost tube. A lower cost tube in general means a lower grade or lower performing tube.


Elbit systems grades their tubes via three designations with the XLS grade of tubes on the bottom of the list. These are tubes that for whatever reason- lower SN, more blemishes, etc. did not make the cut for the higher graded SLH tubes like we use in the High Performance grade PVS14s.


This is a standard MIL SPEC PVS14, waterproof to 66 feet, drop tested to 6m, etc. These tubes in this unit are autogated and the unit features manual gain control. All standard accessories except the head mount, which isn't much of a loss as most people HELMET MOUNT these units.

XLS/XLSH Minimum spec ratings

Resolution LP minimum 64

Photocathode Minimum 1350

SN minimum 21.0

Ebi MAX 2.5


Spot spec

                                                Zone 1        Zone 2       Zone 3

.009-.012                              0                             1             1

.006-.009                              0                              1              2

.003-.006                              1                              2              3


READ- Note on XLS tubes- manufacturers grade tubes and the XLS grade tubes are the lowest grade tubes made by Elbit Systems. They offer an affordable option but you must understand the following: Every night vision tube is different but these XLS grade tubes will in general offer lower performance, lower specification and more blemishes in the tubes compared to a Elbit SLH grade tube as used in our “High Performance grade” units which are also FURTHER sorted by specification and clarity of tubes.  Your purchase of a unit with an XLS grade tubes requires your understanding of this and your acknowledgment of what they are and are not. There will in general be more cosmetic issues with the XLS lower grade tubes and in general the performance specifications could be much lower than a SLH High Performance grade unit.  Any purchase of a unit with an XLS grade tube means the customer understands and agrees to the purchase of a unit with lower performance and understands we will not accept returns or exchanges of any xls grade unit nor can we “hand select” tubes for this extremely low price. You are buying a low grade tube unit because of the cheap price and the customer absolutely must understand this. We offer these xls tube units solely as a low cost alternative but we recommend if possible you look to the HIGH PERFORMANCE (HP+) SLH grade of systems where possible.


10 YEAR WARRANTY on these units as well.

For quickest processing and shipping- 1. Use Visa/Mastercard only. 2. Read and respond to the "Order need response" email that you will receive after placing order online (or Call to order)  If you have special circumstances like different billing and shipping addresses, need to split the charge over multiple cards, etc. CALL to order 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

PVS14 XLS green phosphor night vision monocular autogated
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