PVS30 Night vision clip on scope ABOVE AVERAGE

1/24/22 Update- DOWN TO THE LAST COUPLE DOZEN OF THESE AND THEN NO MORE. Don't miss this workhorse at a fraction of normal price!


Completely sold out, we are told to expect NO MORE in the future. Checkout the Knights Armory UNS-SR for a green phosphor CLIP ON NIGHT VISION DEVICE in the same price range and grab one of those WHILE THEY LAST!!!


More PVS30 refurbished units available again! We have seen two prices increases on this model this year and it was unavailable half of the year- act accordingly! This is the new housing with the single AA or CR123 option, not the older 2 battery housing.

This could be your last chance to get a $15,000. clip on NV device for 1/2 the price!


KNIGHTS ARMORY AN/PVS30 clip on weapon sight

These AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Weapon Sight were exchanged by the USARMY, with the factory for brand new systems. These current models utilize new housings that take either 1 AA or 1 CR123 battery. See pics.

These systems have seen service in battlegrounds from Iraq to Afghanistan, and now is the chance to own a piece
of that history at a fraction of the price of a brand new system. Each system comes with a one year warranty, soft
tactical carry case, shroud, lens cleaning kit, AA batteries and certificate of conformance. New style housing Uses 1 AA battery or 1 CR123

Designed to be mounted in front of your existing day scope, this night vision device offers 3rd Generation night fighting capabilities to any rifle, including fifty caliber weapons.

 $50. ship

PVS30 Night vision clip on scope ABOVE AVERAGE
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