PVS7B Night Vision Goggles

Now with unprecedented 10 YEAR WARRANTY, best in the industry! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!


Great sale price on this unit! BRAND NEW UNIT! TOP SPECS! This is the P+ unit

The PVS7 is built to withstand the rigors of battlefield use and was designed to withstand water immersion. Hands free use!

Runs on two "AA" batteries that powers the unit for over 40 hours. Includes:

  • soft carry case
  • batteries
  • manual
  • lens paper
  • headmount assembly
  • demist shields
  • sacrificial filter/window
  • IR flood/spot lens assembly

This is the NEW third generation Pinnacle ITT tube! COMPLETE with 10 year warranty!

Ship and insurance $50.00

PVS7B Night Vision Goggles
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