Phoenix Jr. Infrared Beacon IR firefly

Phoenix Jr. Infrared "Beacon"

Invisible to the naked eye, this infrared beacon transmitter blinks an infrared flasher that is visible through your night vision device.

Great for covert marking of temporary cache sites, rally points, mark your back trail or use on your helmet or gear to  identify friendly forces from the bad guys. We keep several of these in each piece of gear we have- JRH

Operates on one 9volt battery. $3 shipping. Like everything else we sell, only available in the United States.


NOT $75. each like other places!!!


Some people that don't get out regularly and actively train with their Night Vision may not understand the need for or some of the utilization of the Infrared Beacons. At a recent Night Vision class at Max Velocity Tactical I shot this short video of a patrol coming up a hill. The patrol was wearing IR beacons that are invisible to the naked eye, but visible through a NIGHT VISION DEVICE. How could you utilize this in a SHTF situation? Friendlies coming in from patrol could activate IR beacons at a set point to alert guards that they are friendlies. A multitude of uses for these devices and you should have several. We keep at least one in every set of gear we own for covert marking and signalling- JRH

In this video you will see IR beacons flashing at varying distances, showing their usefullness in identifying friend from enemy at night-


Phoenix Jr. Infrared Beacon IR firefly
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