Photonis PVS14 White Phosphor Comm spec Night vision monocular

New Photonis WHITE PHOSPHOR PVS14 comm spec Monocular


This model features a WHITE PHOSPHOR "Onyx" Commercial spec tube. See the other listing for the higher ECHO spec unit which will feature a cleaner tube with higher specifications.

Typical specifications on this Commercial spec WHITE PHOSPHOR tube- , MIN FOM 1800, MIN RES: 60, SPOT SPEC: 2/1 - 3/2/1 - 3/2/1 Operational time 10,000 hours

REMEMBER- these numbers listed are minimums, and your unit may have higher specifications. Also, this Commercial spec grade tube will have more blemishes than the higher specification ECHO spec unit. Know what your buying and if in doubt please call us, we are glad to help.


Photonis  Echo Technology offers ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the smallest Halo, and the spectral range varying from ultraviolet to near infrared. Manual gain control allows you to control how much or how little light enters the tube and is an important feature to have in a PVS14. 

Use as hand-held, head mount, helmet mount or weapons mounted.
Manual Variable gain control. Has an IR illuminator but it's not necessary for use of the night vision device.
Light-weight and compact. 40 hours of use on 1 AA battery
Camera and video adaptable

Ships with all standard accessories-
    soft case
    head mount
    head mount adapter
    operator's manual
    lens paper
    demist shield
    sacrificial window
    Tube data record

Brand new with 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, an extended warranty from the manufacturer of a 10 year total time period is available as well- use Options menu and put 10 in text field.

IMPORTANT NOTE-  this listing is NOT for a PVS14 with a ITT/Exelis/Harris or L3 tube. This PVS14 has a Photonis commercial tube. Photonis tubes are made in the Netherlands and since the "generation" classification system is strictly a United States system the units are not "technically" 3rd gen, HOWEVER the specifications may be as high or better than a 3rd generation tube. This listing is for a commercial spec Photonis tube and the other Photonis ECHO tube PVS14 unit listed will offer higher specifications on the tube which means a brighter and cleaner view through the ECHO tube versus this one. Please be sure you know what your buying and if in doubt, CALL us, we are glad to help in explaining the differences. 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480


We are seeing some very high specifications on these Photonis tubes and they are great bargain for the price!


All in all, to get ANY White Phosphor PVS14 for under $3,000. is a heckuva steal!

Photonis PVS14 White Phosphor Comm spec Night vision monocular
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