Photonis PVS14 White Phosphor WP Echo spec monocular

Photonis PVS14 White Phosphor Echo spec


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This model features a WHITE PHOSPHOR "Onyx" P-45 ECHO spec tube. Photonis features a white phosphor tube that has a very slight bluish tint to it that makes it easier on the eyes than other white phosphor units- hence the "Onyx" term above. 

This WP ECHO SPEC unit from JRH Night vision features a higher grade tube than the comm spec model. This means a BRIGHTER, CLEANER tube in this model versus the comm spec model.

 Typical specifications P-45 WHITE PHOSPHOR tube, MIN FOM 1800, MIN RES: 62, SPOT SPEC: 1/0 - 2/1 - 3/2/1

REMEMBER- these numbers listed are minimums, and your unit may have higher specifications. We have been seeing a much higher average on these numbers over the last year and half.

Photonis  Echo Technology offers ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the smallest Halo, and the spectral range varying from ultraviolet to near infrared. Manual gain control allows you to control how much or how little light enters the tube and is an important feature to have in a PVS14. 

Use as hand-held, head mount, helmet mount or weapons mounted.
Manual Variable gain control. Has an IR illuminator but it's not necessary for use of the night vision device.
Light-weight and compact. 40 hours of use on 1 AA battery
Camera and video adaptable
Ships with all standard accessories-
    soft case
    head mount
    head mount adapter
    operator's manual
    lens paper
    demist shield
    sacrificial window
    Tube data record
Brand new with warranty


 All that being said- we are seeing some EXCELLENT SPECIFICATIONS ON THESE UNITS AND THE UNITS ARE SHIPPING WITH SOME HIGH RESOLUTION AND SN NUMBERS!! This is the BEST VALUE in a White Phosphor PVS14!- JRH!!!&p=68415#post68415




Regarding LOW LIGHT use of the Photonis ECHO spec units- we made this video to show you how they do in the actual woods. So many companies put out pictures or videos of their units operating in the city or suburbia where there is tons of ambient light- thereby making their units look better.  At JRH, we live in the woods and we use our night vision in the deep, dark woods, not in an artificially bright suburban environment. Want to know how well your NV device will REALLY work?? Take it deep into the woods! And we did so we can show you-




Photonis Echo spec units have NO problem seeing IR lasers, the below picture proves that.


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Photonis PVS14 White Phosphor WP Echo spec monocular
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