Pulsar Trail Trail XP50 LRF 640 Thermal weapon sight

New for 2018, the Trail XP50 LRF delivers incredibly vivid thermal imaging from a world-class 17µm pixel pitch 640x480px sensor core, offering human sized heat detection up to 2,000 yards and laser rangefinding capability up to 1,100 yards.

THINK ABOUT IT- you see a heat signature at a long distance but are unsure of the distance to take the shot, with the LASER RANGEFINDING CAPABILITY of this Trail XP50 you will immediately have the correct distance in order to make a good hit the first shot!! Another feature that's cool about this Pulsar Thermal weapon sight is being able to set multiple ZEROS. In other words you can zero it on MULTIPLE RIFLES and move it back and forth on multiple weapons. In other words, "share" the thermal weapon sight between multiple rifles easily and quickly! For the tech savvy types, this Pulsar model is packed with features like shot video recording, streaming, etc. Awesome unit for the price! -JRH


 Perfect for spotting, identifying and shooting targets at longer distances, the XP50’s popular “white hot” and “black hot” modes, 13 digital reticle options, proprietary picture-in-picture, variable 1.6-12.8x magnification, 50Hz refresh rate and frost-resistant 640x480 AMOLED display provide users with fluid imaging, customized thermal mapping and a richly contrasted field of view while the integrated laser rangefinder takes accuracy in digital imaging to new heights of reliability and confident shooting. A rechargeable lithium 8-hour battery keeps you in the game all night long while eliminating costly battery purchases and replacements issues of the past.


Historically, sighting-in thermal scopes has been troublesome; however, the device’s laser rangefinder, one-shot zero function and the ability to store 3 rifle profiles with 5 zero saves each, make zeroing and switching the scope between firearms a breeze. The Trail also boasts built-in video recording with 8gb of internal memory and connects to the Stream Vision app via Wi-Fi for viewing on connected personal devices, controlling the optic remotely, upgrading firmware, and streaming, sharing and downloading images and video. IPX7 waterproof, fogproof and dustproof, the Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF performs flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -13° to 122°F and delivers an ultra-easy user interface with ergonomic button locations. Additional features include a built-in accelerometer, convenient carrying case and wireless remote.

Heat signature detection range up to 2,000 yards
Integrated laser rangefinder accurate up to 1,100 yards
640x480 resolution, 17 µm pixel pitch core
640x480 AMOLED display
Built-in video/sound recording
1.6-12.8x42 variable magnification
Internal 8gb of storage for all photo, video and sound files
8-hour rechargeable battery pack
Stream Vision app connects binoculars to smart device
Proprietary picture-in-picture
Recoil rated up to .375 H&H
Three zeroing profiles with five distances each
One-shot zeroing with freeze function
13 reticle options

    Battery pack and charging kit
    USB cable
    Wireless remote control
    Fixed weaver/picatinny rail
    Cleaning cloth
    Carrying case
    Hex wrench


Pulsar Trail Trail XP50 LRF 640 Thermal weapon sight
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