"SHTF Carbine" class Jan 12-14, 2024 training class

SHTF Carbine training class January 12-14, 2024  SETG Range  Alma, GA area.

READ THE AAR HERE from the last class-



We will begin Friday around noon with a tune up of marksmanship skills, building a position, proper structure, breathing, trigger control and recoil management. Students are expected to bring a zeroed rifle/optic but we will also spend a little time working on that zero and checking it at 100 yards. From there we move out to 200, 300 and 400 yard engagements.



Friday night there will be a short night shoot to introduce students to fighting at night with your rifle. You do NOT need night vision for this part of class, we will teach you how to shoot without it at night.


Saturday we hit the ground running focusing on optimal body structure for movement, making your movement more efficient, proper scanning and AAR, reloading under duress, malfunction drills and positional changes. As we do in all our classes, we will focus on ambidextrous gun handling. Shoulder transfers of various types will be demonstrated and practiced. Working cover, proper use of space, slicing the pie and drop outs, both right and left handed. Transition to pistol will be covered with several options taught and practiced, not just the standard gun school one option. Learn to shoot, handle reloads and malfunctions while moving.



Sunday you will learn to work off the ground with a rifle, the fight does not stop if you are on the ground, you will learn to fight, move, reload and function on a lower platform. Shooting exercises at 100, 200 and 300 yards distance will help us tune our technique for longer distances We will end the day with a “round Robin” series of exercises that include a two man spot and shoot exercise from “the perch” engaging targets at distances out to 400 yards and jungle lane exercises where students will move through a jungle lane trail finding and engaging small camouflaged targets. Being able to FIND and HIT your targets, a most valuable “SHTF carbine” skill.


Information on what to bring, etc. will be emailed to all registered.

Class size is limited to 12 people to give students maximum attention.


3 days of carbine and pistol training

Early bird registration discounts-   $500.00


NEW CLASS SIGNUP INFO- Starting April 2022,  you will be charged 50% of class cost upon registering and you will have to pay the balance of your class costs in cash the day of training. This applies to BOTH new students and returning students. The 50% deposit via a card holds your space in class with the balance due in cash the day of training. 50%  now and the balance in cash the day of training. To be clear, it shows the total price of the class below, but your CC will only be charged half of that, as we note everywhere on the site, you are not charged when you first put the order.

"SHTF Carbine" class Jan 12-14, 2024 training class
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