"SHTF Pistol" class October 6-8, 2023 training class

SHTF Pistol

October 6-8, 2023 at the SETG range near Alma, GA


SHTF pistol begins Friday afternoon on the square range fixing common problems with the basics of grip, drawstroke, sight alignment and trigger control. We move on from there to reload drills and malfunction drills. Scanning drills, engaging multiple targets and proper AA drills are emphasized.  As soon as it gets dark we break out the flashlights and work search techniques with flashlights as well as an extended session shooting with a flashlight.

Day 2 we look at compression and extension drills, proper use of space and the creation thereof. One handed work to include magazine changes and malfunction drills. Ambidextrous gun handling is stressed throughout as we do in all of our classes. Movement drills increase in complexity as the day progresses. Working from concealed carry we look at multiple options to help facilitate draw from concealment. Use of cover, correct use of space, slicing the pie and drop outs round out the day.

Day 3 is all done with NO live ammo in our 2 story force on force training house. You will have a chance to work inside a real house that has some complex clearing problems including stairs, T intersections and tons of rooms to clear. First you will do this force on target against targets inside the house. Later you will get a chance to work against live role players utilizing gas airsoft guns in various force on force (FOF) scenarios set up to test both your verbal skills and your gun handling skills. You will have a chance to put in play the gun handling and close quarters skills you learned during the previous two days in live simulations. For Day 3 we will supply you a gas airsoft pistol for training inside the FOF house, however if you have a similar pistol you are welcome to bring it. Students will be required to wear protective eye wear during this day of training.


3 days of tactical pistol training

Early bird registration discounts-   $500.00

As always we keep class size small so you get more out of class. We strive to keep class prices inexpensive while also giving you the most training value for the dollar.


NEW CLASS SIGNUP INFO- Starting April 2022,  you will be charged 50% of class cost upon registering and you will have to pay the balance of your class costs in cash the day of training. This applies to BOTH new students and returning students. The 50% deposit via a card holds your space in class on this date with the balance due in cash the day of training. 50%  now and the balance in cash the day of training. To be clear, it shows the total price of the class below, but your CC will only be charged half of that, as we note everywhere on the site, you are not charged when you first put the order in.

"SHTF Pistol" class October 6-8, 2023 training class
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