Shmartaf Baby Protective bubble overpressure NBC



the Gas Mask Hood for infants can fit infants three-months old and up. This gas mask hood provides positive air pressure that keeps toxic pollutants out. The is reliable and easy to use; this is the system that is used by Israel and known as the Shmartaf.  The Shmartaf  consists of a gas mask hood  backboard and a powered air purifying system designed for young children.

This infant gas mask hood has a specially designed gas mask filter with low breathing resistance that is connected to a powered gas mask air blower; this pushes air through the gas mask filter thus creating positive air pressure within the gas mask hood.

This is the safest and most practical way to protect an infant from airborne contaminates.The positive pressure prevents leakage through any gaps that may exist. This baby gas mask hood includes an internal feeding bottle that does not compromise the suit’s protective seal.

Specifications and Features :

  • Technical Data Weight: 1550 gr.
  • Power Supply: 4 lithium MnO2 batteries, size 2/3 A.
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7 volts.
  • Air Flow: 45 lt./min.
  • Operating Time (without replacing batteries): 14 hours.
  • Resistance to Liquid Mustard Penetration: Over 6 hours.

* The Infant Gas Mask Hood is UN-ISSUED and BRAND NEW. Packaging may have some scratches and scuffs from being in storage. 

Shmartaf Baby Protective bubble overpressure NBC
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