Six Pack of #10 Cans Dehydrated Vegetables

A mixed case of 6 different #10 cans of dehydrated vegetables packed for long term storage. Each case contains:

  • (1) I001 Broccoli
  • (1) I003 Carrot Dices
  • (1) I009 Green Beans
  • (1) I005 Sweet Corn
  • (1) I007 Sweet Garden Peas
  • (1) I025 Tomato Powder

Packed and shipped fresh from the factory to assure you the freshest food possible! Normally $160.00 if bought individually. Buy a case and save a lot! THIS CASE includes "free shipping" in other words, shipping included in the price.

Six Pack of #10 Cans Dehydrated Vegetables
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Price $139.95
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