Snugpak Merlin Sleeping Bag

Tested in War - Never Beaten!

The most popular Snugpak® bag worldwide. It's combination of lightweight Pertex fabrics, Softie insulation and Reflectatherm make it a world beater. A two season lightweight sleeping bag with Compression stuff sack, profiled (unquilted) snuggy hood, zip baffle, circle reinforced foot, hanging dry taps and anti-snag two way zip. Temperature rated down to 32°F. With good ground cover and Polypropylene underwear, I've slept out in this model of bag during 20° weather- and I'm a WUSSY when it comes to the cold!

If your tired of filling your pack full of nothing but sleeping bag and not having room for food, water filter, ammo and other accessories, then you'll LOVE this bag. It weighs nothing and is EXTREMELY COMPACT. Very durable bag also keeps you warm when the bag gets WET!!

We carry the entire line of Snugpak® bags so if the temperature rating on this bag doesn't cover where you live, contact us and we will suggest a bag for your environment. Snugpak® offers COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT sleeping bags that go all the way down to -58°F!

The bags we sell are BRAND NEW and just off the boat from jolly old England where they are produced. This is a "Code Green" military model and NOT one of the civilian models. NATO stock number is 8465-99-815-7106 for this model.

We've sold hundreds of these bags and have yet to have one dissatisfied customer! It's a great way to cut down your pack weight and/or make more for other items in your pack. These are not your standard cheaply made civilian sleeping bags, these are the REAL DEAL as used by the British SAS special forces. You will be pleased with one of these bags. Also available in black, desert tan and Coyote Tan (special order).

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Snugpak Merlin Sleeping Bag
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