Surefire M951Kit02 Weapons light/ IR illuminator




Surefire M951Kit02 Weapons light/ IR illuminator

With the flip of a cap have white light or IR illumination.

The SureFire M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal WeaponLight is designed for Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail interface equipped shoulder-fired weapons. The included thumbscrew mount ensures quick attachment or removal during high stress conditions. This WeaponLight features a shock-isolated modular system and components, for rapid conversions in the field to meet mission-specific requirements. The bezel, lamp and tail cap are interchangeable with SureFire's Special Operations Series hand-held flashlights. The Millennium Universal (MU) WeaponLights are designed and constructed to endure and perform under harsh battlefield conditions. They're finished with a durable Mil-Spec hard anodizing (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) and the rugged CNC machined housings are o-ring sealed for moisture and dust protection. The Millennium Universal M951XM107 WeaponLight is powered by two lithium batteries and produces a 65 lumen beam. The optional P61 high-output bulb can be used to produce an outstanding 120 lumen beam.


 Tactical XM07 Tail Cap Switch: The XM07 tail cap switch assembly features a click-on/off push-button switch, a plug in momentary-on switch with a 7.0" cable and a system disable option.
The switches operate independently of each other. When the tail cap switch is activated, the tape switch is disabled. Turning the tail cap switch to the off position activates the tape switch. The system disable feature eliminates the possibility of accidental activation from either switch.

High Output: P60 Bulb produces a powerful 65 lumen beam

Surefire M951Kit02 Weapons light/ IR illuminator
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