UL BNVD Single gain 3rd Gen Green Phosphor HP



This listing is for a Ultralight BNVD Single Gain with Green  phosphor tubes and standard accessories. Brand new from the factory high quality ELBIT SYSTEMS 3rd Gen tubes and 10 year warranty!!


Featuring the best in the business 10 YEAR WARRANTY


JRH Enterprises and Night Vision Devices BNVD - SHOT Show 2020


At only 475 Grams, the BNVD-SG UL, ultra light dual tube goggle with Single Gain Control incorporates new high performance optics that are not only much lighter, but also offer higher performance than standard optics. Currently the AN/PVS-14 and most other night vision systems, use optics which were only designed for green (P43) phosphor image tubes. However these new BNVD optics were designed specifically to be optimized for both White (P45) and Green (P43) image tubes.

The BNVD-SG UL includes features not found in other dual tube goggle designs in this weight class. These features include: EMI compatibility, Full Diopter Adjustment Range (-6 to +2), Infrared LED, and most importantly: a close focus range of 9.8 inches. This is critical when trying to read maps or do close up work such as clearing a weapons jam.


NVD-BNVD-SG UL now features a “Tactical Monocular Cutoff”, which turns off power to each channel of the binocular whenever a channel is rotated up out of the users’ line of sight. This eliminates stray light emitting from the monocular eyepiece, which would reveal the user to anyone else on the battlefield. The BNVD-SG UL has an automatic system power cutoff whenever the BNVD-SG UL is flipped up into the helmet mounted stow position, and then powers back on when it is flipped back down. This feature can also be turned off via a four position ON/OFF switch. The BNVD-SG UL is submersible to 66 feet (20 meters) for up to 3 hours. The BNVD-SG UL is available with an optional battery pack, which holds 3 “AA” Alkaline batteries for run times exceeding 50 hours.

The BNVD-SG UL can be used with optional 3X Afocal Magnifiers. Each 3X Magnifier can be either slide onto each objective lens or screw into the threads on the objective lenses. For extended use, it is recommended to screw them on to prevent the lenses from falling off. These magnifiers transform the BNVD-SG UL into a fixed 3X Magnification Binocular.

Standard Accessories: Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operators Manual, Neckcord, Retaining Lens Covers, Eyecups, Lens Paper, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows and IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly, Operator’s Card and Dovetail Mounting Adapter.

Optional Accessories: 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens, G24 Helmet Mount, Shuttered Eyeguards, Camera Adapter Kit,  Battery pack for 50-60 hours of continual use for extended missions.


Field of View     40°
Magnification     One Power (1X)
Diopter Adjustment     -6 to +2 Diopters
Gain Control     Single Knob
Interpupillary Adjustment     51mm to 76mm
Eye Relief     25mm
Focus Range     9.8" to Infinity
Power Source     1 AA-Size Battery
Operation Time     40+ hours with Lithium AA battery
Weight (without battery)     475 g (16.8 oz)
Size     4.3”L x 4.2”W x 3.3”H

$50. ship


Why not a "Sentinel" unit?   Why not just buy a "Sentinel" or RNVG dual tube set?  

Sentinels are a heavy unit that DO NOT ARTICULATE and only have a five year warranty! A lot like an old PVS5 that was simply a dual tube set with no articulation. WHY BUY 1980'S TECH TODAY???

Our BNVD'S AND ULTRA LIGHT BNVD'S  DO ARTICULATE and  the whole unit shuts off when you flip the entire system up in a helmet mount configuration. Our BNVDs and Ultra Light BNVD's have a 10 YEAR WARRANTY. So your getting MUCH MORE FEATURES FOR LESS MONEY WITH A LONGER WARRANTY!!!

 You can add a Wilcox G24 helmet mount with the options drop down menu also. This will be necessary for mounting on a helmet or nightcap. Battery pack cannot be added later due to different housing, if you ever want to use a battery pack it must be ordered with the unit.

 Use the options menu for color options for the HOUSING- Coyote or Flat Dark Earth just put a "1" next to your color choice in the text field. If you do not choose a color the standard black housing will be shipped.


Night vision devices are made to order and have always had a lead time, they are not “in stock” as in sitting ready to ship out to you the day you ordered.  2020 has been an insanely busy year and lead times are much, much higher now than they were the first of the year. Feel free to call or email to check current lead times. What we do differently from most every other Night Vision retailer out there is that when you order from JRH you are  NOT CHARGED UNTIL THE ORDER IS READY TO SHIP. Extremely high demand time periods like 2020 are exactly why we have that policy, so that YOU the customer is not out any money until your order is on it’s way to you. Be sure any place you order Night Vision from will not charge your card until your order is ready to ship!

UL BNVD Single gain 3rd Gen Green Phosphor HP
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