V717 Survey Meter Radiation Detector - CALIBRATED


4/13/18 CALL to check availability! 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480  Many NBC protective items in SHORT SUPPLY with the ramp up of war in the middle east!


8/8/17  Small quantity back in stock and moving quick! Yes a LOT of people are buying NBC protective equipment with the escalation of the war in Syria and the North Korea situation. Order early to avoid shortages and delays!

Survey meter measures up to 500 rads/hour of gamma radiation. Unit runs on one D-size battery. Can be used as a hand-held or as a remote monitoring device using 25-foot extension included with unit. The nice thing about this model versus the older V715's or V720's is the 25-foot extension that allows you to set it up with your detector (ion chamber) OUTSIDE. This allows you to get outside readings without going outside and getting contaminated from fallout. Only a CALIBRATED unit like this should be trusted for accurate radiation measurements!

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V717 Survey Meter Radiation Detector - CALIBRATED
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