Vermont Bun Baker 750 Stove Ship Included

Vermont Bun Baker 750 Stove
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Woodstove, Baker's Oven, Broiler, Cook Top, Hot H2O - All in One! "IT'S LIKE NO OTHER WOODSTOVE YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED"

The ULTIMATE wood stove for the survivalist/prepper/homesteader! Heat your house, get hot water, bake bread AND cook on the cook top all at the SAME TIME!!!! And also, IT LOOKS GOOD, much better than the "old maid" looking wood cookstoves on the market! This is NOT your grandma's wood cookstove! This is a thing of BEAUTY that will add VALUE to your home and serve very crucial needs!

Our very popular Woodstove-Bake Oven is a dream come true - Not only will you be heating your home, but at the same time you can be baking bread, cookies, pizza, or anything your heart desires. It's available with and without a 1-1/4" thick Soapstone Veneer and optional Hot H2O interior circulator. The Vermont Bun Baker weighs 350 pounds without soapstone sides and top, and 650 pounds with soapstone sides and top. A 100 pound soapstone hearth is also available.

Area Heated: 750-1,000 sf
Soapstone Weight: 300 lbs..
Cast Iron Insert Weight: 350 lbs.
Total Size: 24-1/4" x 21-1/4 "x 34-1/2"
Firebox: 13-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 15-1/2"
Oven: 14-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 11"
Top Exit Flu Size: 6"
Wood Max Length: 14"
Heat Output: 30,000 BTU's/hr.
Efficiency Rating: 78%


Eligible for TAX Credit! Great an awesome addition to your house and preparedness plans AND get a credit on your taxes!! Beautiful natural soapstone veneer which radiates heat long after the fire is out.

Truck shipping included in price for deliveries East of the Mississippi. West of the Mississippi we will credit $300 toward your ship costs.

See more pics and a review at Heating and Cooking Options and the VIDEO review showing the Bun Baker in action at The Survival Report


We have been using a Bun Baker with Soapstone as one of our wood stoves for about 6 years now. It's worked well every year and continues to LOOK GOOD and function well-  JRH

Vermont Bun Baker 750 Stove Ship Included
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