WTM Thermal Imaging Weapons Sight

Insight Technology WTM weapons mounted mini thermal monocular features a Picatinny rail interface and is hardened to withstand the sustained recoil of a 5.56mm tactical loads while still delivering unparalleled thermal imaging capability.

The WTM gives the user the ability to see in low light and no light situations including smoke, fog and snow. The high-resolution imager allows detection of a man sized target out to 600 meters, recognition at 150 meters and identification at 70 meters.

Weighing in at only 11.8 oz. including batteries, the WTM easily fits in uniform pockets for quick deployment in the detection, recognition and identification of potential suspects. All units include:

  • soft carry case
  • 123 batteries (2)
  • operators manual
  • operator's card
  • lens paper
  • weapon mount adapter
  • helmet mount adapter
  • demist shield
  • neckcord
  • shuttered eye guard
  • lens cap
  • video output cables

  • Functions in sunlight or total darkness
  • Penetrates most weather conditions
  • Sensitivity to .07 degree temperature differences
  • White hot or black hot
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Target detection to 600 meter
  • 4 hour run time on batteries

Allow 10 days, shipped direct from factory.

$50 ship and insurance

We see these well below retail price of $12,995.

WTM Thermal Imaging Weapons Sight
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